Rihanna Fields The Love

Rihanna’s face graces the cover of Elle Magazine. The article has everyone from Eminem to A$ap Rocky asking her questions. Yr probably like, yeah. We all know Rihanna is why boring can’t compete.
But why are you reading Elle Magazine?
I purchased the magazine because my first long term girlfriend,  Eleanor Renee Rogers has something to do with designing the cover according to a facebook post.
My first thought was that Eleanor Renee Rogers had the correct mixture of Hip Hop history, fashion and design so the Roc Nation cover made sense.
Having moved recently, one of my first sketchbooks was sitting around the house.
This one is from 1994-95.

Rihannna Fields the The Love
Eleanor Renee was hit up next Siak and,..
She wrote Neso, and Dras.
I don’t talk much about Eleanor Renee as a graffiti writer because it’s 2017 and I’m proud of what I did 3 hours ago.
Doubt Renee is really walking around saying, “pshah. Yes. I was once an inexperienced graffiti writer. I was in BSA, and was there during the beginning of IOK.
She might. I’m sure she still eats Zapp’s Potato chips at Frankel’s Deli or something.
Last time I saw Renee was when Get Right was doing a stint in Brooklyn in 2010.
We chatted for an hour. She was really cool about things. We exchanged mutual respects. She told me she hears my name in a good context.
Told her that she taught me alot. Would not be who I am if it weren’t for her taking belief in me and hipping me to the Velvet Underground, Barbara Krueger, Fellini, and things of that nature. She was graphic design student so this started lifelong pattern of me improving through proxy to designers.
The funny thing is as much as I would try to be like: “people who know about art can teach you things.”
We had some real Hip Hop experiences that are again why she should have proxy to Rihanna.
There is a reason why people like Ye, Hov, Andre 3000 and guys like that are still around. They understand both Hip Hop, and design.
The first time I talked to Renee she was rocking Puma Suedes.
Not gonna detail every show from the days we first started talking.
Just gonna mention our last in person conversation, and a late 90’s Hip Hop show we went to..
At the NYC Get Right we chatted. The type of conversations where people respect each other and then both parties are happy with their lives so too much more conversation was not necessary.
Just to build a frame for Renee:
My relationship with Renee resulted in me moving from Ohio to Lousiana and also she also facilitated my first trips to New York City.
We saw Eyrkah Badu before Erykah Badu had a name,
We were at the “Illadelph Halflife” release party in New York City.
At the beginning of the night, this woman took the stage and just sang with the dynamic and charisma of Billy Holiday.
That whole release party is it’s own story. Just gonna stick to our first exposure to Erykah Badu.
We spent the next 6 months trying to figure out who Eyrkah Badu was.
I went home to Ohio for Christmas from Louisiana to visit my family and heard “On and On” on the radio.
I would stay up late listening to the radio switching from “Coast To Coast” with Art Bell, and to catch “On and On” in hope they would tell me the name of that lady we saw.
While listening to Art Bell, heard this theory that after Communism fell, the KGB was still actively in a war with the United State of America. The premise was you didn’t need the premise of Socialism to have a currupt regime who want power and money.
I spent three days telling everyone about this.
The next episode of Art Bell was about Chupacabra’s orgins were actually Alien pets.
Basically, the aliens let the chupacabras out of their spaceship to use the restroom and lost them. While this was funny, I realized that I should take Erykah Badu’s new album more serious than things broadcasting on Art Bell.
So then I dropped my fears that the KGB were trying to destroy America.
Now different opinion with facts. #factsonly
Thank you Rihanna for helping with this memory.




The Gun Lobby Hates Gun Owners.

Watching the mass shooting in Las Vegas. This brought me to the reason that Montana GOP Senator physically assaulted that reporter. His democratic opponent made a commercial holding heat like the oven door.
This commercial destroyed the myth the Democrats just want take people’s guns away. So he needed to distract from the truth using violence.
Hillary Clinton has guns. She used to hunt until she was raising Chelsea Clinton. My point. Responsible gun regulation doesn’t equal taking everyone’s gun away. Al Franken just bought guns within the past decade. WTF do you think powerful people do to bond. They play golf and skeet shoot.

This isn’t a pissing contest. My point is gun regulation and preventive measure to decrease lunatics, and terrorists having access to guns is needed.
The Gun Lobby Paints a picture that simply isn’t true and people are finding 6 million ways to find horrendous deaths.

Why does the gun lobby cater to the needs of mass shooters and white terrorists over law abiding gun owning citizens? Put that Drum in your ear. Don’t Get Srreri’d.

Black Sabbath Addresses Climate Change

Black Sabbath: The End of the End

Once had friend tell me he could not stand to hear Black Sabbath albums, covered sampled or remixed because they were perfect. Now, I love Black Sabbath as much. However, growing up writing graffiti, you embraced black Sabbath aura.

Obviously this is the most dominant aesthetic in music.

My friend’s sentiment had a valid point.

Jack White, and the Black Keys are both examples of how difficult it is to filter the blues and gospel into rock in roll without sounding like a complete doofus.

My assumption regarding the mediocre current state of mainstream rock music is that most people who want to start bands probably haven’t gone thru the processes that Jack White or the Black Keys have so they just can’t….

There will be more in this in the Renee Dion album review.

Ok…so we know Black Sabbath is amazing.

How is the movie?

Well, the best way I can explain. Ozzy Osborne obviously is most famous member of Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath is where the antics that make Ozzy a reality show spectacle are removed and his is returned to important artistry.

This documentary is for the fans that want to enjoy the high quality of the group they love. It’s a film of mutual respect.

This documentary differs from Mick Wall’s book “Black Sabbath: A Symptom of the Universe” because you don’t see the infighting that almost tanked Black Sabbath as a franchise. You hear nothing about the band ousting Ozzy because they viewed him as a lush. Nor do you hear about his wife Sharon Osborne’s efforts to boost Ozzy and then eventually regain his prominence within the group.

This documentary is the ideals, and feels.

As Tony Iommi states about the 2017 importance of original content of Black Sabbath’s Anthems.

“Those Thoughts. Stand up. I think about social stuff. Same things are still going on now. War Pigs Is Anti-War. There is a lot of song about climate change. Drug Addiction. Mental Illness. All Kinds of things we wrote around are relevant today.”

Black Sabbath: The End of the End At Gateway FC

September 28th 7pm.

Hurricane Recovery Links

from democrats.org

Learn more about how you can help those affected by recent natural disasters by getting involved in one of the many organizations involved in recovery efforts.

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Habitat for Humanity

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If you are recovering from the impact of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, or Maria, please visit the FEMA website for more information on how to file claims for assistance.