Movies – The Post

The Post- By Spielberg. About the Pentagon Papers. First Amendment. Strong Female Lead Actress.  How 2018 feels? Impeachment. This happened once already.

Bruh.  Sorry, already typed too many spoilers. Not sure why I can’t tell you everything.


Movies – Den Of Thieves

Den Of Thieves – Movies about cops trying to stop bank robbers usually are worth watching if they combine moral questions, seemingly secret information about banking systems into a plot that is believable sequenced with actions (gun fights, explosions, eye candy, dangerous pursuits) and behaviours (drinking, drug use, humorous vulgarity in conversations. )

The caveat of the genre’s success requires entertaining men who are actual criminals or just guys who mainly like sports so working all week for a buck justifies them in nihilism regarding what they like to watch.

While Den of Thieves isn’t based on James Stewart’s 1991 Wall Street expose of the same name; This movie is men with heavy artillery. Den of Thieves still paints an interesting picture of people involved with acquiring money that doesn’t exist to the general public in large amounts. Aside from Baby Driver, I can’t tell you the last action movie I watched in the theaters. For a guy like me; Den of Thieves was worth watching .


the Pentagon declared Russia and China our countries’  biggest threats ..

the government shutdown over DACA and an absurd border wall within North America so some Republicans can demonize poor immigrants for the shutdown and still work with Russian oligarchs in the upcoming elections.

Even you have other things to care about before protecting an ideal of America…

Understand— A mexican student who wants to attend college does not have the power to hurt our country in the manner a Russian or Chinese billionaire can.

at least according to the Military….


I thought the President was using firing Steve Bannon as a method to come closer to the image of Reagan as opposed to the image of Caligula following the Roy Moore debacle. This was incorrect. The President is using calling Haiti and Africa “Shithole Countries” to show Steven Bannon he can hold the racist vote without him.  He must have determined The Reagan image won’t work because the President is on the opposite side of the Cold War.  Reagan opposed Russia intelligence agencies meddling in American affairs. The President obviously is for the KGB. So it appears the Republican gameplan is still denounce the President and then stand by him at moments that allow his racism, and  class exploitation to possibly affect policy.