Video: Mungbean – “Wednesday”

In my attempts to revert to music blogger I am finding there are things I do not know.

For Example: This song’s name.

Mungbean’s song is called 1831.  I think….

1831 seems to neither refer to Nat Turner, Native American relocation in 1831 or 2pac’s Exodus 18:31 Tattoo.  My belief  this video had nothing to do with Nat Turner, Native American relocation in 1831 or 2Pac is reinforced with the Columbus group romantically gallivanting around Strongwater.  Which is good because my 1831 readings are little too much to think about and kinda made feel weird about myself for at least 20 seconds.

Mungbean’s video for their song was shot in 1 take.  I’ll decrease my burden a notch and compliment a visual that properly accompanies the musical composition..

While my satellite made an unsolicited prediction my writing would reference Simone De Beauvoir’s the Second Sex because of the androgynous visual design——-I shall bestow accolades regarding the song’s lounge build-up, and vocal sequencing.

I just spent 90 seconds trying to remember where a rapper I like used a drum machine and the trailing off guitar for introspective optimism.




Kerrang’s United States of Hardcore

Kerrang made a list of 50 States, and then named who they felt is the best HC band from each state. Notable mentions? Vile Gash’s Youth Attack label founder’s band Charles Bronson was chosen for Illinois. Integrity made Kerrang’s list for Ohio.

Turnstile was picked for Maryland’s best hardcore band.

Yep; Franz’s band is listed next to 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, Black Flag and Negative Approach.

Don’t let the Syria missile strikes divert from the fact the President’s lawyer’s office just was raided.

Even if you think conspiring with the Russians to win the election was a partisan decision for winning.

After the fact…. the President and Russian oligarchs are still in business with each other.

We could literally engage in war with Russia and our President would still be in business with Russia.

A$ap Rocky – A$ap Forever

A$ap ROcky started off working with Clam Casino, and has done interesting music
with Skrillex, Dangermouse, and now Moby. Although, he goes electronic-ambient; he never loses the Hip Hop feel. Hip Hop can do whatever it wants if the eye of the beholder has the correct vision.

I recommend watching the Official Video for A$ap Forever to because you hear what the whole song sounds like.