Don’t let the Syria missile strikes divert from the fact the President’s lawyer’s office just was raided.

Even if you think conspiring with the Russians to win the election was a partisan decision for winning.

After the fact…. the President and Russian oligarchs are still in business with each other.

We could literally engage in war with Russia and our President would still be in business with Russia.


A$ap Rocky – A$ap Forever

A$ap ROcky started off working with Clam Casino, and has done interesting music
with Skrillex, Dangermouse, and now Moby. Although, he goes electronic-ambient; he never loses the Hip Hop feel. Hip Hop can do whatever it wants if the eye of the beholder has the correct vision.

Last night Rocky rocked Fallon with this Twilight Zone performance of a medley with new songs A$ap Forever and Distorted Records

I recommend watching the Official Video for A$ap Forever to because you hear what the whole song sounds like.

FBF: Franz Lyons / Columbus, Ohio

Franz Lyons’ group Turnstile hit Number 1 in Billboard’s Heatseakers chart and Number 4 in Vinyl Sales.   If yr from Columbus; you fuck with that.  I interviewed Franz last year cause that is my dude. Turnstile is from Baltimore but Franz is from Columbus.

Turnstile – Moon  from Time & Space


Franz doesn’t really tell you that he used to fuck with raps because he was into making party music. I don’t think he wants to confuse people into thinking Turnstile is either a joke, or rap-metal.

Freaky Franz Interview From 2011

The video below is Franz rapping at a tribute show for our dead friend Daymon Dodson. A random Bachelorette party showed up and Franz had fun with it.



Speaking of Stephen Hawking

If the NRA receives Russian Money then are student walk-outs America’s evolutionary precaution against the possibility of a foreign countries turning our mentally ill into terrorists?

Not against guns. I’m just saying Russians might use the NRA like they use facebook. Having KGB agents lobby to have your kids killed is the opposite of god fearing American’s buying guns to protect themselves.

We need a gun-lobby that protects Americans.

The G.O.P. finds no collusion.

Hey kid, want a cigarette?