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Currently putting the finishing touches something viewed as environmental commentary regarding climate change,  spectacle, reunions, and beckoning Spielberg’s arrival.

The unfortunate events in Charlottesville, have exposed a different climate change.

In the 90’s, white supremacist groups were marginal. I remember going to the statehouse and seeing a small group of nazi’s shouted down, and eventually beat up. David Duke was never a serious presidential contender. True, Timothy McVeigh blew up a federal building.  White supremacists pulled off terrorist acts however they were mostly fringe.

The events leading up the 2017 destabilization of America have obviously utilized racist tactics.








Danzig Knocked Out in AZ

The President has managed to insult the foreign terror victim’s leader in London.  Probably because the Mayor of London’s name could hopefully piss-off American racists. Remember, the President’s travel ban did not include countries who actually committed the most terrorist acts. The travel ban was for countries who aren’t in business with his companies.

The President has not addressed the growing amount of hatecrimes by white racist terrorists against American Citizens.    Of course, he hasn’t addressed a racist murdering someone from ROTC.  The president has no honest regard for the Military. Remember, the President mocked John Mccain’s valor in Vietnam? I just finished reading super-editor, Sir Harold Evan’s, “Do I Make Myself Clear?” book. This book uses edits, lists, and examples to guide efficient writing. Harold Evans’ examples include David Foster Wallace detailing the toture, and sacrifices Mccain made in Vietnam. Wallace’s essay demands us to internalize —– even after toture, McCain didn’t accept a status release until POWs who were captured before him were freed.

Everyone plays the tough guy until things jump off.  Reminds me….

I have to go, but Russians did attempt to currupt the software used for our presidential election.


Things Said

Flynn is pleading the 5th. If they didn’t give him immunity then perhaps the combination of convicted Russian mobsters who rented from the President,  James Comey’s firing, disclosing Intel, things admitted publicly which Sally Yates referred to as “press accounts,” the President’s twitter and be honest…how many things like this exist already in the records?

working families for links..

1. F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump, New York Times, May 9, 2017

2. How Russian State Media Got Exclusive Access to the Oval Office, Newsweek, May 11, 2017

3. Trump Interview With Lester Holt: President Asked Comey If He Was Under Investigation, NBC News, May 11, 2017

4. Trump threatens Comey in Twitter outburst, CNN, May 12, 2017

5. Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador, Washington Post, May 15, 2017

6. Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation, New York Times, May 16, 2017

7. Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser, New York Times, February 13, 2017

8. Legal analysts: Trump might have obstructed justice, if Comey’s allegation is true, Washington Post, May 16, 2017

9. Senate Democrats can stop Trump’s Russia scandal from becoming the new normal, Washington Post, May 12, 2017

10. Schumer: ‘Country is being tested in unprecedented ways’ , The Hill, May 16, 2017

The President Putin Americans Last

Obviously, I work from the opinion that if there is a likleyhood the President will be impeached because he worked with a foriegn power to destablize our country.  The idea of passing anything he wants put into policy, or confirming a Supreme Court justice he presented is just not long-term thinking.

The following information should make anyone with sense put a hault to allowing the president to do anything but prepare his resignation speach.

Washington Post Listed Some Of The Presidents Ties To Russia.

The next 3 links aren’t concrete indictments other than they contradict the President saying he has no business in Russia.

The Russian Mob Does Recieve Surveillance

Did Russians Bail-Out The President in 2008?

He is doing aweful things with the power the Russians gave him.  The slogan “The President Puts America Last” holds true.

The President Complains About Surviellance While Putting Our Privacy For Sale.

Lying to Congress Is Not A Wiretap.

It’s widely agreed Russia intended to meddle in the election  and destabilize our country because of a) hostilities towards the Obama Administration which included Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. b) Oil deals. c) destabilizing countries helps gaining power over them.

We currently have someone who benefited from the destabilization of the United States. This administration has also helped destabilize further by utilizing xenophobia and racism.

What’s a way to divide the country with looming treason scandal?  Xenophobia & racism..

(Elizabeth Warren was silenced by Mitch Mcconnell because she read a letter by Corretta Scott King saying Sessions “chilled the free exercise of vote by black citizens.”)



Recordings of the current administration plotting with Russia to destabilize our government would be Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s doing. Not Barack Obama.

Twitter Should Ban the President

Dear Jack Dorsey,



The President has declared the press the enemy. He ruined a bunch of people’s day yesterday with his Muslim ban which actualy was not based in facts about terrorism. He wants poor white people to pay for a wall instead of having healthcare .

My simple solution is: Ban The President From Twitter.

Twitter suspended Milo Yiannopoulos who works with Steve Bannon who works with the President. No one reads that website. And without the President’s twitter it won’t have much room to grow.

You might say: Well doesn’t this violate the President’s right to free speech.
We can’t love the ACLU and think take away the Presidents right to hate speech.


But it’s not that militant to Ban the President from twitter.

I would argue that the President’s twitter caused physical confrontations by having government employees stop customers from boarding plans. If these Airline consumers didn’t agree with his racist policies then they would’ve been punched or shot.

The point: The ALCU would not have to take the President’s case if he was banned from twitter. Mark Zuckerburg from Facebook doesn’t like the President either so it’s not like he could go to the competition.

Plus didn’t the President delete the U.S. Civil Rights History off the White House’s website?