Sorry for the lack of updates.

Currently putting the finishing touches something viewed as environmental commentary regarding climate change,  spectacle, reunions, and bringing Spielberg’s arrival.

The unfortunate events in Charlottesville have exposed a different climate change.

In the 90’s, white supremacist groups were marginal. I remember going to the statehouse and seeing a small group of nazi’s shouted down, and eventually beat up. David Duke was never a serious presidential contender. True, Timothy McVeigh blew up a federal building.  White supremacists pulled off terrorist acts however they were mostly fringe.

The events leading up the 2017 destabilization of America have obviously utilized racist tactics.


missing from the racist monuments conversation:

During the healthcare debate, the House of Reps approaved 1.6 billion dollars for a border wall.  Hopefully, after viewing Charlottesville , we don’t have to put the burden of stopping this racist insanity strictly in the hands of John Mccain and the Dem’s in the Senate.


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