Bernies Sanders Doesn’t Want Americans to Suffer And/or Have Unnecessary Miserable Deaths 

Bernie Sanders advocated not giving billionaries a wealth transfer at the expense of the health care of Americans.

Columbus,Ohio —UnitedStates of America  6-25-17


Danzig Knocked Out in AZ

The President has managed to insult the foreign terror victim’s leader in London.  Probably because the Mayor of London’s name could hopefully piss-off American racists. Remember, the President’s travel ban did not include countries who actually committed the most terrorist acts. The travel ban was for countries who aren’t in business with his companies.

The President has not addressed the growing amount of hatecrimes by white racist terrorists against American Citizens.    Of course, he hasn’t addressed a racist murdering someone from ROTC.  The president has no honest regard for the Military. Remember, the President mocked John Mccain’s valor in Vietnam? I just finished reading super-editor, Sir Harold Evan’s, “Do I Make Myself Clear?” book. This book uses edits, lists, and examples to guide efficient writing. Harold Evans’ examples include David Foster Wallace detailing the toture, and sacrifices Mccain made in Vietnam. Wallace’s essay demands us to internalize —– even after toture, McCain didn’t accept a status release until POWs who were captured before him were freed.

Everyone plays the tough guy until things jump off.  Reminds me….

I have to go, but Russians did attempt to currupt the software used for our presidential election.