The President Putin Americans Last

Obviously, I work from the opinion that if there is a likleyhood the President will be impeached because he worked with a foriegn power to destablize our country.  The idea of passing anything he wants put into policy, or confirming a Supreme Court justice he presented is just not long-term thinking.

The following information should make anyone with sense put a hault to allowing the president to do anything but prepare his resignation speach.

Washington Post Listed Some Of The Presidents Ties To Russia.

The next 3 links aren’t concrete indictments other than they contradict the President saying he has no business in Russia.

The Russian Mob Does Recieve Surveillance

Did Russians Bail-Out The President in 2008?

He is doing aweful things with the power the Russians gave him.  The slogan “The President Puts America Last” holds true.

The President Complains About Surviellance While Putting Our Privacy For Sale.


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