The President Puts Americans Last

Obviously, I work from the opinion that if there is a likleyhood the President will be impeached because he worked with a foriegn power to destablize our country.  The idea of passing anything he wants put into policy, or confirming a Supreme Court justice he presented is just not long-term thinking.

The following information should make anyone with sense put a hault to allowing the president to do anything but prepare his resignation speach.

Washington Post Listed Some Of The Presidents Ties To Russia.

The next 3 links aren’t concrete indictments other than they contradict the President saying he has no business in Russia.

The Russian Mob Does Recieve Surveillance

Did Russians Bail-Out The President in 2008?

He is doing aweful things with the power the Russians gave him. ┬áThe slogan “The President Puts America Last” holds true.

The President Complains About Surviellance While Putting Our Privacy For Sale.