Like A Muslim

The President’s ban does not use terrorism as a factor. It targets people who haven’t done business with him. Terrorism on American soil had no factor on the Muslim ban.

The consistency is that Islamic governments that do business with the President don’t get banned even if they have a history of terrorism on American soil.

People from countries with no history of fatal terrorism within America got banned. 

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I think the thing that is difficult to stomach about the Muslim ban is that you know it’s a cheap way to hopefully manipulate fears that hurts many, and is a waste of money. This is why the emoulement clause exists. The President’s biggest impeachment threat is because these many conflicts of interests.

Politicians that are still rocking with him must have no morals and think he can bribe the judges.

Tonight at least,  ACLU got a temporary block.

I had to run errands this morning which got me driving in the neighborhood I grew up in.

I started think about the Iraqi ladies you would see walking around.
You would hear people yell racist things at them. Then you would talk to their husbands. It was like talking any other married college professor, scientist or middle class educated man. The muslim men would explain to you some general Allah is love that vaguely resembled humanism. They’d offer you dinner. Usually, you’d want to go continue skateboarding so you’d get out of these conversations.

They never told me: If your country keeps this up you will no longer have a place to skateboard.

The refugees in my neighborhood never blew up the shopping malls near my house. They never took revenge by making threats to the local corner store. They shopped at the 24 hour grocery late at night to avoid conflict with racists.

Oddly, there was never a terrorist attack while shopping at the many department stores that also sold a complete line of grocery merchandise.

Not even during either Gulf War did the Muslims in my neighborhood destroy the local dollar movie. They just lived their lives.

I started thinking about the Muslim immigrant kids that I had classes with who would start with discussing the difference between of Islam in the rap music I was listening to vs. what they believed.

We would talk. They would be on their Ramadan. I would not.

When the issue of so-called Islamic terrorism was broached, the primary talking point for these kids was: Islam is about peace. It’s probably similar to when a white racist kills a bunch of people, and your mom explains to you Jesus is about love.

The kids were immigrants so they came from a place where there was war on their soil. The word peace probably was tangible for them. I feel like most of us grew up with Islam embedded in our American culture. This is not taking anything away from  PEACE and includes things I heard in rap music.

So then it’s like: you know the President has a 35 percent approval rating.

He wants to cut NEA funding and then fund the worst art installation on the Mexican border which will pretty much negate what America was trying to accomplish when it bought California at the end of the Mexican American War in 1848.

Obviously, it’s about a group of people making money, while trying to use a segment of whites who are frustrated with their lives as fuel.

Unrelated/Related: John Mccain has spent to past few years tellng everyone Putin is a former KGB agent whose goals are to make money, kill people, and restore the power the USSR had prior to the collapse of Communism. Remember they said the goal of tampering with the election is to destablize our democracy?


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