35,000 of Obama’s Citizens in 2010

I wrote this after John Legend released Love Me Now.  And then didn’t use it because I thought it was not anything to read.

The last time I saw John Legend, the Ohio native performed for an 2010 Autumn Obama campaign speech 


Obama was part of how my mother and I became closer after she was diagnosed with cancer. Not the only way.  But one of them.

We had argued Obama Vs. Hillary during the 2008 primaries.
I would get all warm inside at the charisma and hope Barack exuded. Obviously, it did not hurt my excitement that America was considering electing a black president. You want the best president regardless of race. I’m just saying: givin’ our countries’ history this was good for the psychology of everyone.
I would just be like: “Could you ever think this was possible?”
There was always this look that said: “Ok…but you do know women had to fight for their rights too.” My mom said she wanted to see a woman president in her lifetime.
Growing up, and especially during our teenager years, we seldom think about our middle class moms in terms of feminism. I might contradict in some other memoir.

Maybe girls bond with their moms on this subject but teenage boys usually do not. At least in the immeadiate political sense during the current time period.
They don’t look the part and often have figured out how to make a decent living.
You feel like they retired from that.

So sometimes it’s easy to forget what could be meaningful to someone who worked 3 jobs and made sacrifices so you could have food on the table, and clothes on your back.

(I have no desire to rank oppressions. It’s divisive. I view the history in America for minorities, and women as to having their own unique experiences coupled with common oppressors, and needs.)

We had debated racial issues when I was young. I was reading Malcolm X and exploring ideas like civil rights are human rights.  This required compherending the various methods people were discussing.

My mom felt reading NOI’s newspaper the Final Call was silly for a blue-eyed white kid.  She had bought Muhammad Speaks during college and wasn’t feeling the NOI or Malcolm X..The White Devils thing turned her off.  I tried to explain why this mythology would develop. I’m not going too deep on this one.
There was also: the “young liberals turn Republican when they get older arguments.”
My mom was centrist. She went from being a single mother on welfare in LA to a tenured ESL teacher with several Master’s Degree working in the Dublin, Ohio school district. So my rebellion was met with a healthy dose of ‘you might have been on free lunch, but you were never on welfare. I worked for this.’ Which is the boot strap argument that fuels working class skepticism towards elitist left-wing snobbery or wimpery.

She had voted for Bush 2 then later realized it was a terrible error. She was a pro-life Christian so often she put this issues before others.
The Bush regime was so terrible she learned that abortion wasn’t the best idea to make the only criteria for picking a leader.
This is important to remember when thinking about the human condition snd the idea of “life.”
She took to Hillary Clinton in 08 after Bush was so terrible.
The only way a black dude with a funny name or a woman would even made it this far is that Bush did so horrible.
He chose economic and foreign policies that destroyed our economy but benefited his friends.

Have you seen the news this month?

Once Obama got the nomination, in 08 ,she supported Obama because it was like, “Hey, I’m suffering from cancer. Let’s feel something hopeful and nor completely negative.”
Obama did wonders in fixing the country psychologically and practically.

In 08,  I wrote asking if rappers would make music with Obama in mind in terms of embracing the duties of a citizen. In 2016 obviously, Chance the Rapper is a yes, backed up by everyone who played the White House or ended up on Obama’s playlist.

So this is the similar feel was tangible in the home.
My mom and I didn’t have to have the countries’ power struggles in interaction. This is the difference between having someone who believes in hope vs. someone who just wants to bully their way to power.

It just feels better.

During the Obama/Legend rally she had to sit down several times, and sorta fainted once. The importance of her wanting to see Obama speak with me empahsizes both how special Obama is and what beautiful woman my mom was.  She knew her life was going to end. So she wanted to a make sure we had meaningful interactions.

If someone were magically filming us from a drone they would have something fairly poignant on tape.

The point is that the energy in air was filled with hope for the future. This is ultimate goal for a parent.

Weird side note:

While were waiting a friend of mine came up to me and said the Obama campaign had the OSU art department do a graffiti style painting in the First Ladies’ dressing room. There wasn’t anyone in the OSU art department that was adept with this median. They didn’t contact any graffiti writers but instead cut stencils that made Obama look like Hitler. At first, I was like ‘why didn’t they contact graffiti writers? It seems like the Obama’s were going for a graffiti style character.’ We had this event called Daymon Day which always featured characters. It would’ve been so easy to get one of these guys to paint the dressing room. Instead the Obama’s have to ignore Hitler stencils. Then I looked at my mom & was like well I got other things to worry about.


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