Twitter Should Ban the President

Dear Jack Dorsey,



The President has declared the press the enemy. He ruined a bunch of people’s day yesterday with his Muslim ban which actualy was not based in facts about terrorism. He wants poor white people to pay for a wall instead of having healthcare .

My simple solution is: Ban The President From Twitter.

Twitter suspended Milo Yiannopoulos who works with Steve Bannon who works with the President. No one reads that website. And without the President’s twitter it won’t have much room to grow.

You might say: Well doesn’t this violate the President’s right to free speech.
We can’t love the ACLU and think take away the Presidents right to hate speech.


But it’s not that militant to Ban the President from twitter.

I would argue that the President’s twitter caused physical confrontations by having government employees stop customers from boarding plans. If these Airline consumers didn’t agree with his racist policies then they would’ve been punched or shot.

The point: The ALCU would not have to take the President’s case if he was banned from twitter. Mark Zuckerburg from Facebook doesn’t like the President either so it’s not like he could go to the competition.

Plus didn’t the President delete the U.S. Civil Rights History off the White House’s website?


Like A Muslim

The President’s ban does not use terrorism as a factor. It targets people who haven’t done business with him. Terrorism on American soil had no factor on the Muslim ban.

The consistency is that Islamic governments that do business with the President don’t get banned even if they have a history of terrorism on American soil.

People from countries with no history of fatal terrorism within America got banned. 

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I think the thing that is difficult to stomach about the Muslim ban is that you know it’s a cheap way to hopefully manipulate fears that hurts many, and is a waste of money. This is why the emoulement clause exists. The President’s biggest impeachment threat is because these many conflicts of interests.

Politicians that are still rocking with him must have no morals and think he can bribe the judges.

Tonight at least,  ACLU got a temporary block.

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Gloria Steinem @ Women’s March

The Women’s March was so important for our country.

Toledo’s Gloria Steinem  gave a motivating speech.

I recommend Gloria Steinem’s book Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions .  I read her while working at Call Tech for  She was multi-faceted. 

In some other lifetime, I would’ve answered your calls  looking to find info regarding hotels like, The Washington Marriott, the Hilton, Embassy Suites, or the Watergate .

I would have said: Thanks.  Women’s rights are human rights might be the notion that saves us all.