$500 Billion Election Rigging Motivation

The Senate is investigating the Russian election hacking.   I think people are having trouble wrapping their heads around this idea that The Russians would fix our election.

Here is pretty sold theory:

 Probable Secretary of State Rex Tillson would give Russia a $500 billion oil deal that Obama blocked.     500 Billion dollars. We’ve overthrown governments for reasons like this. It seems like angry white men should not like that the U.S. just got worked by some other countries’ intelligence agency.

If this didn’t read as the Revenge of the 1 percent which follows the template on how/why the U.S.  normally establishes right wing governments, I would say the best defense on the C.I.A. investigation is that it’s a response to Trump’s claims that he is going to cut Pentagon spending . If he didn’t have so much conflict of interest in his cabinet I would ponder this one more. If we get Hillary in office she better look at cutting the defense budget because the so-called nazi is.

With that said,  I feel like the idea a country would fix our election to implement the $500 Billion dollar oil deal is reason enough for the electoral collage to vote against this. Remember Hillary had the popular vote

  1. 10 Electors  have demanded a briefing before voting.
  2. How to write your elector.

Russian hacking isn’t the only way to fix the election as we’ve studied with the twarted Jill Stein recount effort. Greg Palast just dropped a petition signed by 50,0000 people to the D.O.J. to investigate Voters being removed from registrations.

It’s weird the Senate can’t get on the phone with the non-Russian election investigations.


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