Hey Michigan CC: CIA, Obama, MCcain

Can Jill resume recount? Should the electoral collage wait until the investigations finished?

The CIA is saying Russia tried to sway the countries’ election. Both Obama and John Mccain  are demanding investigations efforts.  So something must have happened.

Part of me thinks, well if Trump pissed off the CIA maybe he isn’t so bad. But then I look at his cabinet and I say doesn’t look like reform to me.


In Pennsylvania voters are told the need to pay 1.1 million dollars to look into their system. In Wisconsin, there is a fight to for the recount efforts to access paper ballots. The Michigan Supreme Court denied Jill Stein’s appeal.

If the CIA, Obama, and Mccain are finding possibilities of election tampering, maybe something could’ve happened? She already gave money to pay for the recount.


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