Falsetto Prophets

My initial instinct when I heard “False Prophets” is that it’s a Tidal commercial. Because TLOP wasn’t available to purchase. So when J-Cole says, “Justifying that half-ass shit he dropped, we always buy it.” You couldn’t purchase TLOP. it doesn’t apply to Ye. I would love to have TLOP on vinyl.

This song could be referring to whomever with a strong body of work: Drake, Cudi, Jay-Z,  Cam’Ron, Eminem, 50 Cent etc.

I would argue TLOP is better than 808, Yeezus, and Graduation.  I would argue TLOP is probably better than J-Cole’s whole catalog and will continue to be 500 years from now. But, I would love to see J-Cole top his other releases because I like music.  & I like his previous releases.

Whenever your favorite rapper starts not rapping part of you gets pissed.  So I feel you. Think Andre 3000 when he got weird. But who doesn’t love Andre 3000?  Did you peep Andre & Tip flipping Nikki Minaj cadences on that Tribe record?  That was dope. But unorthodox.

The important part of “False Prophets” is people are still fans of music. Who didn’t  like like, “I Let Nas down?”  or Ye’s “Big Brother?”  J-Cole is supposed to be here 10 years from now.  J-Cole has the correct value system for Hip Hop.

One of the unheralded virtues of many beefs is that it’s people you like discussing other people you like.

More importantly, Ye was just in a mental hospital. So if the verse is about Ye. There is a care to say: something isn’t healthy in Kanye’s life.   Fuck Rap. That’s the most important. From his artwork, it appears J-Cole considers himself either a member of Kanye’s white family or a blonde woman..

Or this is the first polite entrance into some new dis songs , & new alliances.


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