How To Spell Netanyahu

Kerry made some comments about Israel .   Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and some members of  the Senate disagreed with.


Israel’s Attorney General launched a criminal investigation into Netanyahu regarding fraud & bribery.


TBT: Exxon Valdez

I’m not forming a punk band called the Voter Rigging Investigation Hobbyists.

I am sitting here wondering how we have the progressives functioning as defenders of the United States of America & the Republicans surrendering our nation’s sovereignty for money. And seemingly the indifference of the people who aren’t getting money but either they hate women or some hippie that was snobbish to them after bumming the hippie a smoke.
They say you get the democracy you deserve.
I would really love to make fun of the undergrad poly-sci majors.

Well, the thing is we don’t deserve this.

The American public still voted by 2.8 million people in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Our election was hacked because of a $500 Billion Exxon dollar oil deal that Trump’s proposed Secretary Of State is going to use as a balance transfer into Putin’s account.

Remember the Exxon Valdez? It was a tanker that spilled oil every where. First this just said the Captain was drunk. Then it turned out that Exxon was avoiding making the whole thing safer.


Exxon is currently in the midst of fighting with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey who wants to view their past 40 years of records.  Healey wants to find out if they’ve committed fraud in regards to their approach to climate change.  I’m not trying to make this about climate change. Even though this should concern you.

It’s the fact that our election was interfered with from a foreign power.

How to voice  your concerns?


several ideas

The American public still voted by 2.8 million people in favor of Hillary Clinton even with all this fuckery.



$500 Billion Election Rigging Motivation

The Senate is investigating the Russian election hacking.   I think people are having trouble wrapping their heads around this idea that The Russians would fix our election.

Here is pretty sold theory:

 Probable Secretary of State Rex Tillson would give Russia a $500 billion oil deal that Obama blocked.     500 Billion dollars. We’ve overthrown governments for reasons like this. It seems like angry white men should not like that the U.S. just got worked by some other countries’ intelligence agency.

If this didn’t read as the Revenge of the 1 percent which follows the template on how/why the U.S.  normally establishes right wing governments, I would say the best defense on the C.I.A. investigation is that it’s a response to Trump’s claims that he is going to cut Pentagon spending . If he didn’t have so much conflict of interest in his cabinet I would ponder this one more. If we get Hillary in office she better look at cutting the defense budget because the so-called nazi is.

With that said,  I feel like the idea a country would fix our election to implement the $500 Billion dollar oil deal is reason enough for the electoral collage to vote against this. Remember Hillary had the popular vote

  1. 10 Electors  have demanded a briefing before voting.
  2. How to write your elector.

Russian hacking isn’t the only way to fix the election as we’ve studied with the twarted Jill Stein recount effort. Greg Palast just dropped a petition signed by 50,0000 people to the D.O.J. to investigate Voters being removed from registrations.

It’s weird the Senate can’t get on the phone with the non-Russian election investigations.

Hey Michigan CC: CIA, Obama, MCcain

Can Jill resume recount? Should the electoral collage wait until the investigations finished?

The CIA is saying Russia tried to sway the countries’ election. Both Obama and John Mccain  are demanding investigations efforts.  So something must have happened.

Part of me thinks, well if Trump pissed off the CIA maybe he isn’t so bad. But then I look at his cabinet and I say doesn’t look like reform to me.


In Pennsylvania voters are told the need to pay 1.1 million dollars to look into their system. In Wisconsin, there is a fight to for the recount efforts to access paper ballots. The Michigan Supreme Court denied Jill Stein’s appeal.

If the CIA, Obama, and Mccain are finding possibilities of election tampering, maybe something could’ve happened? She already gave money to pay for the recount.

Pimping & Bitches Joke

Heartbeat Bill:

Ohio is placing a bill in front of Gov. Kasich that would use doppler radar to detect a Heartbeat in an unborn fetus to determine the legality of abortion. I’ve been pro-choice my whole life but I’ve never really looked at the issue.

I just thought:

1) I can’t really make decisions for women.
2) If a woman dies during pregnancy then are we pro-life?
3) Might be sparing a child of a life of misery if they are not born to parents that do not want them.
4) When abortion is illegal, people still have illegal abortions which is terrifying. Could you imagine? Where in Columbus would these happen? It’s not a funny joke. It’s actually frightening. Terrible punchline. I’m sorry.

This Heartbeat Bill has failed in the Ohio Congress since 2011. It only in passed because they attached it to a Child abuse bill. The simple logic is: Abortion is child abuse.

I watched some videos about Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun’s 1973 pro-choice decision. Justice Harry Blackmun talked to his daughters. He then looked at the issue medically. He felt the government was interfering with Doctor’s recommendations to their patients.

The idea is: if a woman is either medically, or mentally unhealthy then abortions protect both the woman, and the child. So while linguistically the statement of ‘abortion is child abuse’ has appeal. Pro-Choice not only protects women it also prevents child endangerment.

Call John Kasich.

Flood his voicemail. Tell him it puts women’s lives at risk and is a fiscally-irresponsible law that will engender many costly court battles that Ohio cannot afford to fight right now. His office number is (614) 466-3555.)


There is another thread. What if calling your elected officials became Post-Trump “performance art?”
(You could probably reuse the Cam’Ron inquiry about human mental competency in relationships to parenting joke when calling Kasich. There could be a new genre of humorous phone calls in this new era of civic responsibility. You will need to have your facts correct.)

Of course, politicians could use these prank phone calls to demonize liberal heathens. The upside is that it could make civics “funny.”
The downside is it might lose the moral argument regarding deplorables.

So I guess stick to the script unless you’re especially clever.


Just to avoid people wondering how I can be pro-choice & vegan:

(I’m vegan. I’m pro-choice. I’ve never stopped anyone from eating a hamburger except with sincerity and charm. So if you are going to tell me to not have abortion because I’m vegan. I will point at my belly… tell you I’m a man…then say ok: does this mean yr going vegan?)

Falsetto Prophets

My initial instinct when I heard “False Prophets” is that it’s a Tidal commercial. Because TLOP wasn’t available to purchase. So when J-Cole says, “Justifying that half-ass shit he dropped, we always buy it.” You couldn’t purchase TLOP. it doesn’t apply to Ye. I would love to have TLOP on vinyl.

This song could be referring to whomever with a strong body of work: Drake, Cudi, Jay-Z,  Cam’Ron, Eminem, 50 Cent etc.

I would argue TLOP is better than 808, Yeezus, and Graduation.  I would argue TLOP is probably better than J-Cole’s whole catalog and will continue to be 500 years from now. But, I would love to see J-Cole top his other releases because I like music.  & I like his previous releases.

Whenever your favorite rapper starts not rapping part of you gets pissed.  So I feel you. Think Andre 3000 when he got weird. But who doesn’t love Andre 3000?  Did you peep Andre & Tip flipping Nikki Minaj cadences on that Tribe record?  That was dope. But unorthodox.

The important part of “False Prophets” is people are still fans of music. Who didn’t  like like, “I Let Nas down?”  or Ye’s “Big Brother?”  J-Cole is supposed to be here 10 years from now.  J-Cole has the correct value system for Hip Hop.

One of the unheralded virtues of many beefs is that it’s people you like discussing other people you like.

More importantly, Ye was just in a mental hospital. So if the verse is about Ye. There is a care to say: something isn’t healthy in Kanye’s life.   Fuck Rap. That’s the most important. From his artwork, it appears J-Cole considers himself either a member of Kanye’s white family or a blonde woman..

Or this is the first polite entrance into some new dis songs , & new alliances.