A Tribe Called Quest – “We The People”

Tribe Called Quest’s We The People discusses the fears people have about the possibility of our country regressing .

Tribe’s new album, Thank You For Your Service..We Will Take It From Here remains consistent with Tribe’s catalog while not just going through the motions. It’s better than Beats Rhymes & Life, and The Love Movement. While the future of our country is uncertain, Tribe’s last album isn’t a fall off.

I would it put the new record on par with Aquemini.

Obviously, that isn’t a Tribe album. However, that reference in itself  speaks volumes on the influence of the Native Tongue lineage that includes people like  YE, Kendrick,  Cudi, & Chance.  Then think about with the latest De La Soul album & Common releases. The Roots are the band on the Tonight Show.  This pretty much solidifies the Native Tongues as the most influential rap collective in 2016 Hip Hop. 

One could site J-Rawls work with Mos Def & Kweli which extends to Monie Love & Dominique Larue’s work with Heresy as the Columbus representation of Native Tongues.

Don’t forget the Potholes in the White House Lawn.


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