Eyedea Freestyles Over PRZM Beats

I didn’t do much Hip Hop content during the election because I didn’t want to offend people that might have randomly found this website.  November 9th was Twin Cities rapper Eyedea’s birthday. Eyedea passed away October 16, 2010.  I was going to post this video on November 9th. But instead I wrote a zillion word essay on the election and deleted that.

Eyedea was friends with Blueprint, Przm (RIP), Illogic, Bru Lei and those Columbus dudes. He was always funny, trippy, thoughtful and sincere. —good dude…..

Eyedea, Carnage & Los Nativos Freestyling in a van while on tour with Illogic,& Przm in 2004.

I’m not going run a full bio.

Let’s just say Eyedea was a battle rapper, poet, emcee, tortured soul etc.  Puff Daddy thought about signing the Minnesota rapper after he won the Blaze Battle.  DIY punk kids road their bikes to see him.
Every white rapper who battled imitated Eyedea to the point where it wasn’t worth watching organized battles because the winners were usually Eyedea clones.

This video isn’t the best depiction of Eyedea rapping. But it’s good look into what it was like to interact with these these guys. It’s worth watching just to know there is a beer called, “Bitch Creek.”

Just for clarity. They were in a van. Neither were running for president.

PRZM was one the best Hip Hop producers, deejays, & emcees ever.

PRZM had completely mastered the essence of Hip Hop that nuanced Detroit Electronic proto-futurism, thrash metal mischief and lo-fi happy accidents while still scoring 100 on the Wu-Tang/Mobb Deep litmus test.

He passed away in June 2007.

Sorry for not typing alot. But you could probably look these guys up on the net.


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