You Say You Want to Constitution

Well you know, he will mock everyone by pointing out that Hillary won the popular vote but no one could get together a strong campaign to change the electoral collage or look into voter suppression.

Clinton, and Obama can’t lead the call. It would disrespect democracy.

You can call your Congress person & demand they create legislation to change the constitution in same amount of breaths it takes to chant Not My President or during.

House Of Reps


Perhaps a kickstarter campaign that offers to pay faithless electors fines, if they don’t vote for that. If this doesn’t work then you could give the money to something that helps.

I’m guessing  Rolling Stone and the Free Press will have cover stories revealing Voter Suppression in their next month issues.

(This is not to disrespect efforts and people’s views..  I’m avoiding TLDR by posting links.)


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