Hindsight is 20/20

or is it 20/18

Please take of care of yourselves.

This whole thing has been draining. I think it’s important to remember that the voting demographic that decided this election is 45 years old to 70. Things can be different.

So rest when you need to rest. Don’t succumb to draining negativity.

Please correct me if I’m wrong on this. We know Hillary Clinton won the popular American vote.

Trump hates the Electoral Collage too. How cool would it be if the Donald was like: I won. Let’s get rid of this system?  Seems improbable. You never know. Maybe he is a cool dude. Trump won. Trump proved he could win. Imagine how heroic Trump could be. Trump would exist in History in a unique way. He wouldn’t have to mess with the Presidential stuff.

If the electoral collage doesn’t change:

The consolidation of votes on the coasts, and in cities were the problem in taking states, and the electoral collages.

If you want to protest.

The Electoral Collage can only be changed within the constitution. You have to contact your Congress people.then you have power?

If the electoral collage thing doesn’t happen, it’s going to be rough but George Bush gave us Obama so if everyone stays informed, and keeps active  then this whole thing wasn’t for nothing.

I hope leaders can turn masses into policy?  Even if they aren’t . If they know the law?

I feel people developed new skills, and networks that shouldn’t be forgotten.

With that said..

I feel really bad Hillary Clinton didn’t win. I donated and received this woman card. This isn’t to say: “here is what I did.”


On the back it said, “woman make 80 percent of what men make.” I put that card in a drawer and was like I fully believe in not pretending I can speak for women.

I do think it’s weird that 100 percent of women didn’t see equal pay for equal work and decide to vote for Hillary Clinton.


When it comes to local elections, I tried to watch you-tube videos, and read wiki’s on elections like judges, recorders, and coroners.. I realized that I had no clue on really who some of these people are. Heck, I found myself reading about what exactly the Department of Justice and the FBI do when James Comey dropped the FBI bomb. I kept reading the DOJ had supported BLM, and Standing Rock. I found myself wondering if the DOJ has power. My initially feeling was the FBI was using the emails to keep Hillary out of Standing Rock. I have no proof of that. I just look at historically how the FBI has treated people who support the Black Liberation Movement, and Native Americans.

dream in circumstance

I had originally had intended to write “Alleged Pisser Jesus Loves You More Than You Know.” when he lost. I was going to applaud him on creating the ultimate caricature of Republican politics. I had hoped he was like a Hugh Hefner figure that got himself to be a cog in the machine. He used to be in the Reform Party. He was friends with Jesse Jackson. If you really look into it him saying,“I love the blacks” is complete theater.
Dude kicks it with Mike Tyson, Diddy, & Don King. He is a socialite. This isn’t a “_____ has black friends argument.” It’s almost worse because he knows better.

From what I’ve read, he has some liberal standpoints, but has always wanted to crack down on foreign trade. Unfortunately during the election he took this to alarming fascist heights. Which again, made me hope that _____ was really friends with the Clintons, and he was complete parody.

During the debates Trump did discuss “breaking out lines.” During negotiations.

My hunch is that the elected doesn’t know exactly how government works.

So this could either equate to him gutting everything, and being horrible fascist that just works from his own benefit.

Or maybe he could be someone who is result driven and decides he really wants to be the best president. Maybe takes some unorthodox , and direct routes to fix things.   Or maybe he gets some insightful advisors.

The acceptance speech looked like he was saying, “look I can’t believe I got this job. Uhm. Help me.”

The guy is President. That’s the best I can do. Please be the best president.


Most Republicans knew that the demographic that did the best with people who make 50,000-100,000 dollars work 60 hours a weeks so they have a natural inclination to not like social programs. They needed someone who would get that ugly. They could disavow him to appear centrist in the Congressional races.

It’s kinda funny that people who make 50,000 to 100,000 feel disenfranchised. I do not think Bernie’s Democratic Socialism would not have worked on them.

I know Trump’s campaign was xenophobic, sexist, racists, filled with bold face lies made up on the spot. I spent the bulk of my blog saying I was terrified of a Trump presidency.

Honestly, the Dems will need a charisma school here in Ohio for the 2018 races.

Study Class Issues More.

If the average liberal avoided the pitfalls of demonizing the white working class then in the least no one could say their whitelash towards the elites was justified. It’s too bad their isn’t a conduit who could make them pay attention for the same reason black working class people do. People said Bernie does. He gave lots of speeches for Hillary.

This is Sad.

It’s weird. I do fear the majority population of white men people weren’t going to let woman to be president. It’s so fucking sad.

I’m a white male. I like white males. I drink with them. Many have honor and loyalty.

There some that you can see the damages from their relationships, work and decisions have taken a toll which turn into pathologies with ugly tinges.

That’s the most depressing part. If your boss is a dick, and you can’t make things work with your lady then your reaction is: “Woman president. Not on my watch..”


The Voting Machines did not have a safety feature turned-on to prevent hacking. Voters were pulled from the ballots.

If the voting machine weren’t tampered, Ohio is no longer a swingstate. We zapped a bulk of Hillary’s energy which could’ve been put into Wisconsin. I’m not saying that people didn’t work hard. On either side.

One last thought: Maybe we need to gentrify Rural America.


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