Hillary Clinton For President.

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.   I voted for her in the primaries. I’ve read her book.

I  don’t want to waste the next 20 years of my life watching America have to fix the economy, social issues, and our foreign policy. America isn’t perfect.  We’ve spent the past 400 years trying to get the government to reflect the ideal. Not for idealism.

We only got so many years? Why make them terrible?

Obamais probably the most loved president in recent memory.

The second most revered?  Bill Clinton.

Hillary is the most qualified, and experienced human running for President. This isn’t the lesser of two evils.  If you look at her positions, you would vote for her.

If Your for Bernie:

Ok. You know that feeling you get when you think: If Hillary is talking with Bernie, then why not Bernie?  That’s what happens to women constantly. They’re constantly told to defer to a man. I’m guessing that’s how it feels. I don’t know if it’s true.

Even if I’m wrong on that point, if Bernie Sanders and President Hillary Clinton have voices, then the country will get way closer to where you want it to be.

If Your for Jill Stein:

Hillary is against Citizens United. Hillary is for the environment. In addition, there aren’t many women who gotten this far.  You got Shirley Chisolm, and Geraldine Ferraro. Hillary will be busy in the White House, she can’t do a zillion interviews. When people want to discuss this particular experience, Jill Stein will probably have a voice in history. So I feel like Hillary is closer to your ideals, and will open a new lane in conversation.  Whom is going to break the glass ceiling? Whom is fight for criminal justice reform, and things that matter to you.

Working men who kicks ass like Donald Trump:

Trump ain’t sharing with you. You don’t have sex with models, and have casinos while running for president while also working with a billion dollar debt by giving help to people you don’t know. Let’s disregard the facts about him stiffing so many employees because he had the power to.

Were you ever invited to do cocaine with rappers, models, athletes & movie stars with Donald?  One beer didn’t trickle down?

Do you like expenses that aren’t like breast implants, fast cars or drugs?

No.  Why would Trump be different than you?

If You like right-wing conspiracy theories:

If she wins you then you now possess a new hobby. If she loses, then your just gonna have to listen to Donald Trump tell lies, and not get to participate.


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