Good Sports Use Honorable Mentions

Ok…Chicago’s Chance the Rapper & Ohio’s Patrick Carney might be on opposing ends of the World Series. However, both Midwesterners used social media to bring up valid points.

Chance tweeted in regards of the clash between Native Americans, and Police in Standing Rock North Dakota:


Don’t forget the Department of Justice was in support of the Natives.

The Cleveland Indians have taken Wahoo off their hat.  Pretty much everyone understands this is racist. No one wakes up and is like: Never forget Tecumseh!   Still, there is a conflict involving Native Americans. I’m guessing I don’t need to explain this further.

For me, this illustrates the past we live with. We have so many outdated & deep rooted problems.

Patrick Carney drummer of the Black Keys posted on IG about The Cubs Owner donations:


The owner of the Cubs was initially against this, but changed.  The Indians owner donated to Kasich.  (Kasich voted for McCain in this election.)

I watch sports.

I think this just gives us perspective on the country we were  vs. where we want to go.

The country can go into very disparate directions. I feel like Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine is centrist enough to quell the middle class fears.
Bernie Sanders always communicates well for the progressive agenda.

Obama’s rating pretty high. So he was better than his republican opponents.


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