How To Deal With A Sociopath

What do you write once something like the “Grab Them By The Pussy” happens? Every newspaper has written editorials encouraging the American public to not vote for him. Most Republicans won’t endorse him.

Can I honestly type something you don’t know? It’s to the point of absurdity that this is transpiring where I almost fear eventually prolonged exposure will make us like him cause hating him will consume too much energy. The absurdity of Trump had me laughing.

I keep repeating to myself he will ruin everything, and people should register to vote by October 11th in Ohio.

The debate started. They inquired about “Grab Them By The Pussy.” He said it was “locker room talk.” Then he proceeded to say Bill Clinton used NASA spaceships to probe toddlers or he got a blow job. I can’t remember. I know he did not accuse Hillary Clinton of sexual harassing of people or infidelity. I think he accused her of having worked as public defender.

They talked about her damn emails. It just kept going and going.

He kept telling lies about not supporting the Iraq War. He blamed Isis on Hillary Clinton. It just kept going, He told a Muslim lady that she would be welcome to collect information on other Muslims.  He lied about his taxes.

To me the biggest fear from him not releasing his financial records is that he is getting money pumped into him that avoids the radar of campaign money raising. Essentially he intends on staying in business while President.

He said he was going to throw Hillary Clinton in jail if elected. That sentence reads a lot funnier than when he said it. I guess in the October 19th’s debate  he can
1: Challenge Hillary to a duel
2: Or claim that Barbara Streisand will perish at the hands of the Duck Dynasty guy during Gladiator combat in the middle of the Rose Bowl.

Trump spoke to her like she was just some loser seeking his approval.

I think Hillary Clinton was able to say she liked Abe Lincoln. Promote the idea of improving our country and complimented his children in midst of it all.

He was aweful.

I started feeling ill. It hurt to listen to. It wasn’t even funny from the audacity. He just kept interrupting with abrasive lies, insults and threats. It felt toxic. Hillary Clinton had the mental resolve to withstand his barrage. I spent the next hour researching the negative psychological effects of prolonged exposure to a sociopath could inflict.

So no it’s not funny.


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