Grabs Them By the Pussy

Advocacy of groping women or “Grab Them By the Pussy” because he has fame is horrifically wrong. Unfortunately, the election is not over until the beginning of November so we have to make sure people still vote. Please do not assume Hillary has won, not vote, by default would let superpredators pick our next President..
Donald wasn’t discussing stimulating the clit after sweet embrace, and proper courting.

Nor was he in the humor lane of Sarah Silverman or Larry David who might discuss sex in a vulgar manner that has nuance.

”Grab them by the pussy” was Frat boy speak. This quote was not in the lane of Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” or FDR’s “Nothing to Fear  but Fear Itself.” in terms of liberating inspiration. Imagine a Social Studies class where students would take notes to remember “Grab Them By The Pussy” for a quiz.

This might be unpopular to say, I feel like Trump’s privacy was somewhat invaded.  In the same regard it’s fair to leak this video for several reasons.

He is running for president. There is some intense screening on that one.We need to know who were are getting as President and how he deals with power.

If he is joking then he is perpetuating negative behaviors we can’t have our President endorsing. If he is determined then we have sexual harassment or worse issues on the horizon.

It’s fair because, Donald’s been demanding Hillary Clinton’s emails be released in debates. There was that wiki leaks thing today.
Trump has also been threatening to make light of Bill Clinton’s behaviors or worse.

And he’s been telling Hillary not to play the woman card.

The one thing that has perturbed me about this election is that there was some holding bias that was not allowing the idea of Hillary being the first woman president to have significance.

That’s the type of thing that would make your grandma sigh.
This is making people talk about our dialogues towards women without hitting the PMRC quasi-racist nerves that demonizing rappers music had in the 90’s.

In some regards, this is terrifying that the Republican nominee consolidated a base that got him this far.

But if Hillary wins then it will be progress in regards to confronting and dismantling the oppressive power plays that made Newt Gingrich, George Bush, and Jesse Helms exist.
Let’s get at the rich white men who actually make the rules and benefit from.
Remember if we don’t waste years on Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky, then we don’t end up with the faux Moral bullshit that always gets guys like Bush & Reagan in power.
Today,cwe saw all the Republicans running for cover, and distancing.
Thankfully it caused Rob Portman to disavow Donald Trump.
The importance of Rob Portman.
The past year, the Teamsters were informed they were going to lose their pension.
So blue collar men & women who worked their entire lives were told the money they labored for was not going to exist when they retire. This was resolved.  It was important to Union People everywhere.
Bernie Sanders attacked this travesty in congress along with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur from Toledo. Rob Portman also went to bat for the Teamsters.
This isn’t a knock against Hillary Clinton.
It’s just saying that Portman defended workers so he aided Trump’s spiel for the workingman. Let’s hope that this solidarity was resonating more than the misogyny and xenophobia. I’m sure legitimate financial concerns do not hurt demagogues.
Don’t get me wrong. Portman is a Republican. He is pro-gun, wants to repel Obama-care and is Pro-life.
So if those issues matter to you then you might want to rock with Ted Strickland.

I’m just telling why it’s helpful that Portman isn’t going to help. (I’m also mentioning something that affects working class people.)

With that said, Hillary Clinton has discussed supporting steel workers, making college free for people who aren’t wealthy, universal healthcare, closing big money’s influence on elections, and many ideas that could benefit the working human.
And she intends on paying for it by closing tax loopholes that benefit millionaires and billionaires. Hillary Clinton can win this election if women and minorities got her back in full force. But it would be way better if everyone got on board.
It’s difficult imagining anyone voting for this candidate after the groping comments.
Still everyone has to make sure they vote. Read your entire ballot before going to vote.


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