My Perception

YG just dropped his second Anti-Trump video. The first one had agang-truce between bloods & crips featuring prominent Crip, Nipsey Hussle. The video called for black & brown unity. “Fuck Donald Trump” spoke against racial divides in the most straight-foward way.

That’s too much power in one place, so they had to make it rain with some divide & conquer. YG was telling people to kill differences for a political reason. The police shut down the video shoot.  YG’s next video shoot was shot=up.  YG was also on the Secret Service’s radar.

So this leads to: Donald Trump suggested that Hillary might get shot by one of his 2nd Amendment supporters last week.  Obviously the police can’t shut down a presidential candidate. It would look dubious. The Secret Service’s job is to protect everyone running for office.


However, it’s weird that Trump can say something that no rapper would ever get away with. Remember when Paris got shut-down over Bush Killer?

YG linked up with Macklemore,& G-Eazy for a new version of this song.

Which does the following.

1. Shows YG isn’t gonna back down.
2. To show solidarity with the people Trump demonizes: Muslims, Mexicans, and Queers.

Please Tell Me:

    1. What do you do about Trump doing something YG can’t?   Divide & Conquer.
    2. Why did the police break up the gang-truce but not the Macklemore joint?   Macklemore has rapport with Obama. Regardless if you like Macklemore’s music: He uses his celebrity for social justice.

I also think maybe the idea of poor people being united against what Trump stands for probably was something that scared someone.

  1. Is bias enough for Trump to win the presidency? The only way he wins is if people’s racial, and gender biases beat hope, experience, policy, & vision.


YG will be performing in Columbus 10/27. Which is pretty close to election time.


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