Drake Vs. Elliott Smith

Hey. We’re sensitive males here. Sometimes I cry & then find images of Kanye West crying just to reassure myself that my tears come from the natural passion of being the zeitgist of everything. So I tried to teach myself HTML to build this QUIZILLA survey to determine if I’m more like Drake or Elliot Smith. By trying to teach myself, this implies I watched snap chats of Drake bringing Dipset, & j-Cole on stage during his stint in NYC. I felt nostalgic for “Fucking with Pablo/Bravo/Mario Villabona ho/Ta-To.” & “RIP Uncle Phil.” IE Getting it in Ohio/one way or another.

Drake is rocking Columbus Saturday with Future, Roy Woods, & Party Next Store.

Last Thursday was Elliott Smith’s birthday.

Elliott Smith left his mark in Columbus by performing @ the Neil House in 96. The Neil House was a punk house where Scott Neimett & co pretty much invented Columbus Hardcore.

Here is Drake being interviewed by Sole Classics guys in 2009. It’s interesting to watch in the wake of Drake’s stint in New York because he discusses radio.

Drake is wearing an OSU shirt during his first trip to Columbus.


While “Hotline Bling” is a hit that continues to fulfill the dream of Big Daddy Kane with a rayon shirt that Father MC could only wish, “Back to Back” is what that made Drake is THE emcee every sensitive hip hop male from the aformentioned Big Daddy Kane to Grand Puba to Ghostface  is in the lane of.

Obviously the beef started with Meek Mill trying to call Drake for allegedly using a Ghostwriter.

Which strategically was weird because Meek had a radio hit with Nicki Minaj while on tour with her. Seems like that was the wave to ride. Instead Meek Mill diverted attention from his R & B hit by losing a battle.

I guess the irony for Drake’s victory is “get you a man that can do both.”

While Drake has repeatedly said he knows Rihanna but can not say they are dating. There is chemistry there.

One of the things that makes Drake & Rihanna special is while they make huge records, they also use music that is new & interesting.
Whether it’s reggae or in the case of “Take Care” building a hit song based on a Gil Scott Heron record produced by Jamie XX.

I feel like the Weekend’s career was built heavily on Drake making ambient/ cloud rap into his favorite Marvin Gaye record.

Cloud rap owes much to Jamie XX’s work on the MPC. Jamie XX says he picked up the MPC after listening to RJD2’s album, “Dead Ringer.”

On that album, RJ samples Elliott Smith for his song “Ghostwriter.”

RJ hung out at the Neil House. I don’t know if he was at the Elliot Smith Neil House show. I was not. But I’m going to wager that it probably had some effect on his exposure/feeling for Elliott Smith’s music.

I can say a graffiti named Hot let me borrow “Roman Candle” and that’s how I heard Elliott Smith.

When he let me borrow it, I said, “Hey that guy played the “Neil House.” I wasn’t there. The only show I saw @ the Neil House had Matt Miner writhing on the floor Pre-Teeth.

When RJ said he sampled Elliott Smith and they were cool about it, I said, “Hey that guy played the Neil House.”

I’m not going to play a linguistic game with Nick Drake’s influence of Elliott Smith name, and try to pretend Elliott Smith is the reason “Hotline Bling” exists.

However, I’m going to say you probably sit in Columbus, Ohio, and be reflective.

So this one is a tie.


Elliott Smith killed himself. I am not going to mock suicide. Today is my friend Talon’s bday. He killed himself. Robin Williams killed himself. Whatever people go thru to get that point is not going to mocked by me.

However Drake’s anthem, “Yolo” coupled with his “What A Time To Be Alive” is gonna probably win this one for me.


Wayne’s World

Elliot Smith worked with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. I not super into either group.

I’m more of a Lil Wayne guy. Because I never really listen to Elliott Smith like that . But if you read this then you will see why I’m going to stop making this compare & contrast. & Say “YOLO” respectfully.


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