Hillary Clinton Columbus, Ohio 7/31/16

Hillary Clinton spoke outside Fort Hayes Alternative School on Sunday to a huge crowd.

It wasn’t a meeting with students but more a general address for her & Tim Kaine to kick-off their post-DNC campaign marathon heading into the November 8th Election.

They need 270towin as they say. Delegates & Columbus, Ohio.

Current polls have Hillary up anywhere to 5 to 15 points Nationally.

The DNC successfully unified the Democrats and conveyed their vision for the future.

Donald Trump did a bunch of weird things that annoyed people in his party like not like them, and insulting veterans.

In Columbus, while awaiting Hillary’s speech, I looked at my smart phone & saw that Obama’s daughter went to see Mac Miller rap at Lollapalooza.

Obama’s daughters also listen to Pro-Era so this wasn’t too shocking. Joey told Sway that his phone is tapped but he is Pro-Obama so he gets it.

Obama had Jay-Z stump for him during the 2012 election, had a summit with various rappers a few months ago, & had Kendrick Lamar perform at the White House.

Hip Hop dad is going to have kids who like rap.

When Obama stumped for the election in 2008 he referenced Malcolm X in his speeches and played the Curtis Mayfield song that Kanye sampled for his Lupe Fiasco collaboration.“Touch The Sky.”

Kanye may not like how Obama Administration started the conversation by calling him jack-ass. I think what made Kanye & Obama the most important figures in our country was similar. Obama gave Chance his first laptop?

In October 2015 , Ye raised money for the DNC & Obama.

 Lupe Fiasco did endorse Hillary Clinton in 08.

The first rapper I ever heard endorse Hillary Clinton was Slick Rick in like 07. It was really weird. He played the Old School Hip Hop fest @ Cooper Stadium, and gave a 15 minute speech about how we needed Hillary Clinton to be president because she understood socialized Healthcare, and the progressive way America could arise from the Bush regime.

I don’t even think we were in the election cycle. He still rocks with her.

A lot has happened in the past 8 years & Obama’s existence completely destroyed our memories on a how terrible America was under the Republican regime.

I started to think about the idea of Hillary Clinton and Obama discussing rap music together.

Hillary is a grandma. So it’s not as easy for her to slide into Obama’s shoes as “the cool president.”

She is the most experienced, and well qualified candidate with a vision and plan.

Before Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine took the stage Joyce Beatty gave a speech calling Hillary Clinton “the most mentally fit candidate.”

Joyce Beatty is Franklin County House of Representative. She spoke at the DNC.

This is our neighborhood.

Ok at the DNC Hillary Clinton said she had a plan, and Donald Trump did not.

This caused myself & some of my friends to reference the classic Dipset video with Tim Westwood, where Cam explains that “You need a Bitch & plan.” Cam also says you must inquire if a person has “Got their Mind Right.”

In Columbus, there is a popular Hip Hop party called Get Right which borrows it’s name from this, and the Jeezy song, “Get Your Mind Right.”

Obviously Jeezy, made “My President is Black” which road hard for Obama and is one of the few club anthems that gave you chills when it was first played in the club.

Cam’ron used to live in Columbus. He is from Harlem.

So it’s possible Joyce Beatty knows what’s good in Columbus.

Hillary Clinton ended her address by saying she wants freedom, justice & equality. I’m sure there 3 words are in every important American Historical document. They are 3 of the Nation of Gods & Earth’s 12 Jewels of Life.

Which is another  Columbus/Harlem/Get Right/Hip Hop overlap.

It is plausible that Hillary Clinton filtered these memes and ideas to communicate what everyone has in common..

There are probably 99 reasons why Hillary Clinton could never directly associate with Cam’ron, the NGE or the word bitch.

Though (Jimmy Buffet, Cam, George Clooney & Bill Clinton used to party in the same circles.)

Cam’ron, Mac Miller & Pro-Era use the same PR firm. So it’s really possible that someone consulted the Clinton campaign on how to engage with segments of Columbus voters. Essentially, on how to look at me, and my friends in the eye.

Or maybe Chelsea used to date this guy who wore “OH BOY” cologne in High School.

Or maybe she’s been texting with KK and Ye who Hillary took pictures with. And she copped “Purple Haze” album because it had a Kanye feature.

In the least, I’m sure the White House has the Cartoon Network if they have Comedy Central and CNN.

Or maybe it’s all coincidence because having a plan, and believing in Freedom, Justice & equality should be the first 4 things listed on “I want to President requirements.”

So someone was like, ‘well we know Donald Trump doesn’t meet that criteria.”

When Hillary spoke at Fort Hayes. She listed off the various things she wanted to do help struggling, hard working people.

She discussed her commitment to various social programs.

Hillary also requested that after she is elected the we should ‘HOLD HER ACCOUNTABLE FOR HER PLAN.’

Hillary Clinton is creating a dialogue with us, and wants to continue post-election.

If she doesn’t then we can not like her later.

I’m editing the “I understand your cynicism parts out” until November 9th.

My advice if you want to communicate: talk about issues you think would make yr life better.

The only thing one risks in voting for Hillary Clinton is that Donald Trump will not become president. If Hillary fails us, then we can vote for Ye in 2020.

Prior to Hillary Clinton’s campaign speech, Tim Kaine talked about how historic electing a woman president is. What it will mean to the women of his family. And to our country.

It’s true if something happens that no one has ever seen then it has a positive psychological effect for people that thought there was a “ceiling.”

When Hillary says she wants to create equal pay for women. Or she will fight for reproductive freedom in this era where Ohio’s governor is trying to dismantle Planned Parenthood.

This isn’t some abstract idea for her or other women.

Whether a woman’s favorite pop culture figure is Meryl Streep, Elle King, Beyonce, or Waxhatchee; this is something that affects her every day.

Which is kind of different than how many of us can comprehend Kanye West or Kendrick Lamar depiction of their experience.

White kids have always been drawn to the plight of Black people because “it’s cool.”

I’m not going to go to far into this because I don’t really want to go into the slippery slope of the perspective of myself being a straight white male trying to “get” the black or female experience.

I’m just saying even if your mom listens to FABIO she only gets 77 cent on the dollar that your dad makes.


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