Stay Gold- Fuck Bush

Stay Gold (BSA/IOK/RA) painted some Fuck Bush freights in 04.

Fuck Bush: Stay Gold

Stay Gold was on Warped Tour with Heist (RIP) & Revise for most of the Summer of 04. They had this Hip Hop stage called Code Of the Cutz that had underground groups perform & enlisted graffiti writers to paint in a manner to package underground hip hop.The Hip Hop stage had NonPhixion/ Immortal Technique/The Arsonists & more.

I’m guessing the primary unifying non-rap music would be metal in this area.

I  remember walking into NonPhixion rapping in a barn while confused pop-punk kids sort of walked by @ Germaine Amp. It was funny to see New York dudes standing in a rural amphitheater at 4pm trying to convince mall rats to care.  I was a Non-Phixion fan so I got to hear music I liked & laugh because the context.

It would be interesting to get their take on that experience.

Atmosphere was headlining on the main-stage so it was a juxtaposition of how Hip Hop was marketed & the results. I doubt NonPhixion made much money off the tour. I remember thinking: These guys were both distributed by Fat Beats during the beginning of their careers.  Atmosphere did Warped Tour during a one-off deal with Epitaph. Nonphixion was briefly on Matador. Slug & co. knew how to market themselves to the pop-punk crowd. NonPhixion & Matador didn’t know what do with each other. Nonphixion’s logo played off Voivod, a  proggthrash metal band , that might not be discernable if you like New Found Glory or Interpol.

Me being me. I love to see rap dudes trying to figure how to deal with white people. This was 12 years prior so things have been figured out.

This isn’t saying that NonPhixion was wack. It was just the result of how underground rap music was marketed to non-Hip Hop fans. I think they were the only group I saw because I wasn’t going to sit through a bunch emo-bands/ had to work by 5.


I know Stay Gold was given free paint when he painted Warped Tour & sold “Fuck Bush” T=shirts that he silk-screened to sustain himself. He painted the tour & then linked with graffiti writers he knew in the various cities & painted. Hence the flick i took.  Not just to sustain himself. He firmly believed George Bush was terrible because he was.

The important point is: George Bush was terrible. So the only Pre-Obama nostalgia should be for the Clinton Administration.


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