What is the Proper Way To National Anthem?

With the election looming, fighting over the National Anthem seems to only make sense if your going to use it to set-up conversations regarding tangible police reform, social programs, & other issues that could help.

The fight should be not over policy over symbols, but policy over the human rights.

Back in the day seekers, this Harlem group’s video got them rejected by distributers and some venders.

With that said here  watch videos of guys playing the National Anthem on the guitar.

I think Yngwie Malmsteem gets the most loose.

Compare Yngwie with Slash, T-Pain,  Joe Satriani, Chris Brown,  Zack Wylde  & Flea .

Honorable mention goes to Drake & Lil Wayne partying to Oh, Canada.  I was hoping to find video of Pitbull singing the National Anthem, but the most I could find was this Soccer game where the P.A. blasted Pitbull instead of their National Anthem.


Video: “Twisted Illusions”

Columbus Native Max Palmer seems to be liked in NYC. Everytime I go to Quartersnacks they mention in Max a manner like they’ve seen him smell his own ball sweat, or just skate with him constantly.

“Twisted Illusions” is a video Max put together that features lots of NYC skating. But if you watch closely enough you’ll see Columbus spots with cameos by Caleb, & DNOTE.

Musically, it’s pretty quality with garage rock, & various musics that sounds like someone in New York who skateboards is a record collector. SO if you could care none to watch skateboarding. Put your headphones on.

Listen: “The Incredible Coolness of DJ O Sharp”

Don’t let the intro of DJ – O Sharp turning off the radio turn you off. DJ O-Sharp’s an old-school Hip Hop head that does social work. So if he doesn’t like the radio;  i ‘m sure he would tell you why in a manner that you would think, “I don’t even know why I’d want him to like the radio IDGAF. ”

The mix itself give you the classic breaks blended in a manner that you can bick back, & hang-ten next the the pool.

My Perception

YG just dropped his second Anti-Trump video. The first one had agang-truce between bloods & crips featuring prominent Crip, Nipsey Hussle. The video called for black & brown unity. “Fuck Donald Trump” spoke against racial divides in the most straight-foward way.

That’s too much power in one place, so they had to make it rain with some divide & conquer. YG was telling people to kill differences for a political reason. The police shut down the video shoot.  YG’s next video shoot was shot=up.  YG was also on the Secret Service’s radar.

So this leads to: Donald Trump suggested that Hillary might get shot by one of his 2nd Amendment supporters last week.  Obviously the police can’t shut down a presidential candidate. It would look dubious. The Secret Service’s job is to protect everyone running for office.


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Drake Vs. Elliott Smith

Hey. We’re sensitive males here. Sometimes I cry & then find images of Kanye West crying just to reassure myself that my tears come from the natural passion of being the zeitgist of everything. So I tried to teach myself HTML to build this QUIZILLA survey to determine if I’m more like Drake or Elliot Smith. By trying to teach myself, this implies I watched snap chats of Drake bringing Dipset, & j-Cole on stage during his stint in NYC. I felt nostalgic for “Fucking with Pablo/Bravo/Mario Villabona ho/Ta-To.” & “RIP Uncle Phil.” IE Getting it in Ohio/one way or another.

Drake is rocking Columbus Saturday with Future, Roy Woods, & Party Next Store.

Last Thursday was Elliott Smith’s birthday.

Elliott Smith left his mark in Columbus by performing @ the Neil House in 96. The Neil House was a punk house where Scott Neimett & co pretty much invented Columbus Hardcore.

Here is Drake being interviewed by Sole Classics guys in 2009. It’s interesting to watch in the wake of Drake’s stint in New York because he discusses radio.

Drake is wearing an OSU shirt during his first trip to Columbus.


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