DNC : #2 “Views”

Prior to Bill Clinton giving the speech in the aspiring First Lady talking slot, Madeline Albright and Meryl Streep gave speeches.

I’m not the biggest Madeline Albright guy. There is that story where Jon Strange who lived at the Legion of Doom punk house in Columbus asked her a question which kept us out of war.

His efforts were rewarded with a Vegan-Peanut Butter beverage named after him at Wild Oates Juice Bar. So I was just kinda thinking of that.  Which kinda shows you even punks can make a difference….so don’t think these politicians are too big & your vote doesn’t matter….

Last night, Bill Clinton gave a speech about how his relationship with Hillary developed which doubled for him to detail Hillary’s ability to create changes on a more local level in poverty stricken Rural Arkansas.
The theme was she is a change maker. Hillary improves everything she touches..

Alicia Keys performed “In Common” which was little over the top. I would’ve probably had her sing with more of a minimal set-up with her voice carrying to conjure sentiment. But I’m not the test study for the average female reaction.
I’m guessing sometimes you gotta get away from ‘the hipster meme inter conscious display ‘ and connect with the Average Woman.

I feel like Day One was for the Millennial and social revolution
Day two was probably for people who love the 90’s & watch the View.

Side Note:
Kerry King of Slayer Endorsed Hillary.


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