DNC-# 1 “They Don’t Want You To Vote”


Trump did get a convention bounce because his convention resonated with uneducated white people.

I’m an uneducated white person. So I understand the appeal of the RNC.

the Message of the RNC:  “In America We Have the Right To Lose Money On a Ridiculous Spectacle” They went 6 Million over budget & did not benefit the City of Cleveland.  i thought the whole point of the Republican party was to make money.

Duck Dynasty, Scott Baio and Donald Trump are completely hilarious. I like to laugh.  The real things that happen are way more funny/terrifying than any sci-fi movie ever imagined. But the RNC lost 6 Million dollar on their convention & did not benefit the city of Cleveland.

My Thoughts on Day 1 of the DNC. They are way more likable than the RNC.

Sarah Silverman said it best, the Bernie or Bust people are being ridiculous. Donald Trump  & Scott Baio should not have the ability to dunk on a team of people that reflect on the similar vision & care that made the Sanders campaign so vibrant.

Keith Ellison channeled DJ Khaled when discussing Donald Trump’s divide & conquer techniques by saying “They Don’t Want Us To Vote.” after touting the progressive platform that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have developed.

Elizabeth Warren pointed out that divide and conquer techniques have been used for years to make hard-working uneducated white people support the demonization of all the other hard-working people.

Bernie Sanders thanked his army of regular citizens.  Senator Sanders reminded everyone of how terrible the country was before Obama was president.  Then endorsed Hillary Clinton on the strength of the issues facing our country’s future:

-Raising the Minimum Wage.

-Overturning Citizens United  (Supreme Court Decision that helps rich people buy politicians. Hillary is going to appoint Supreme Court justices that will make campaign finance reform the law. If you fear Hillary is too much of an “insider” this should relieve your fears.)


-Workers Rights

-LGBT Rights

-Protection of Minorities.

=Big Pharma regulation

I got to my location too late to see the First lady, &  Corey Booker. From what I gather, they were impressive.  So I guess my point is that the Democrats have a stronger vision plus a committed team that could work together to continue the progress Obama put into place.  Don’t get me wrong you can watch Duck Dynasty, Donald Trump , and Full House & find amusement in the political process, & still vote for Hillary/Kaine on November 8th.


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