Politics As UnUsual

Hillary Clinton is endorsed by Bernie Sanders at New Hampshire.

Hillary as prez & Bernie Sanders as the Senator with “people power” could get some changes in effect. Obama had to fight with the republicans in congress. Sanders has proven to have grassroots support that wasn’t known during the Obama presidency. So if Hillary &Sanders can meet on issues like police reform & health care then yes.

Some progressives might think this is a sell-out. But I think Bernie Sanders fought too hard to just bow. So he probably will get his ideas going.
You gotta think: With all the turmoil the safest bet would be for Hillary moving towards the center. Let’s stop Donald Trump from forcing moral outrages over the current racial climate. No Republican, snake-like race-based moral outrages for me please.

Sanders can remind everyone of visible group of voters. Maybe then we could say no to moral outrages from the republicans with false agendas who would attempt to force to stifle things like police reform, and other things we need in the next 4 years.



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