DNC: #3 & 4 -“I Believe In Science”

The DNC is fully loaded & ready to go.

Hillary Clinton basically was like: ‘Hey, I’m going to be president because I don’t think the people are idiots. My track record, polices & plan are too on point. Sorry if I can’t make stupid jokes.’


DNC : #2 “Views”

Prior to Bill Clinton giving the speech in the aspiring First Lady talking slot, Madeline Albright and Meryl Streep gave speeches.

I’m not the biggest Madeline Albright guy. There is that story where Jon Strange who lived at the Legion of Doom punk house in Columbus asked her a question which kept us out of war.

His efforts were rewarded with a Vegan-Peanut Butter beverage named after him at Wild Oates Juice Bar. So I was just kinda thinking of that.  Which kinda shows you even punks can make a difference….so don’t think these politicians are too big & your vote doesn’t matter….

Last night, Bill Clinton gave a speech about how his relationship with Hillary developed which doubled for him to detail Hillary’s ability to create changes on a more local level in poverty stricken Rural Arkansas.
The theme was she is a change maker. Hillary improves everything she touches..

Alicia Keys performed “In Common” which was little over the top. I would’ve probably had her sing with more of a minimal set-up with her voice carrying to conjure sentiment. But I’m not the test study for the average female reaction.
I’m guessing sometimes you gotta get away from ‘the hipster meme inter conscious display ‘ and connect with the Average Woman.

I feel like Day One was for the Millennial and social revolution
Day two was probably for people who love the 90’s & watch the View.

Side Note:
Kerry King of Slayer Endorsed Hillary.

DNC-# 1 “They Don’t Want You To Vote”


Trump did get a convention bounce because his convention resonated with uneducated white people.

I’m an uneducated white person. So I understand the appeal of the RNC.

the Message of the RNC:  “In America We Have the Right To Lose Money On a Ridiculous Spectacle” They went 6 Million over budget & did not benefit the City of Cleveland.  i thought the whole point of the Republican party was to make money.

Duck Dynasty, Scott Baio and Donald Trump are completely hilarious. I like to laugh.  The real things that happen are way more funny/terrifying than any sci-fi movie ever imagined. But the RNC lost 6 Million dollar on their convention & did not benefit the city of Cleveland.

My Thoughts on Day 1 of the DNC. They are way more likable than the RNC.

Sarah Silverman said it best, the Bernie or Bust people are being ridiculous. Donald Trump  & Scott Baio should not have the ability to dunk on a team of people that reflect on the similar vision & care that made the Sanders campaign so vibrant.

Keith Ellison channeled DJ Khaled when discussing Donald Trump’s divide & conquer techniques by saying “They Don’t Want Us To Vote.” after touting the progressive platform that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have developed.

Elizabeth Warren pointed out that divide and conquer techniques have been used for years to make hard-working uneducated white people support the demonization of all the other hard-working people.

Bernie Sanders thanked his army of regular citizens.  Senator Sanders reminded everyone of how terrible the country was before Obama was president.  Then endorsed Hillary Clinton on the strength of the issues facing our country’s future:

-Raising the Minimum Wage.

-Overturning Citizens United  (Supreme Court Decision that helps rich people buy politicians. Hillary is going to appoint Supreme Court justices that will make campaign finance reform the law. If you fear Hillary is too much of an “insider” this should relieve your fears.)


-Workers Rights

-LGBT Rights

-Protection of Minorities.

=Big Pharma regulation

I got to my location too late to see the First lady, &  Corey Booker. From what I gather, they were impressive.  So I guess my point is that the Democrats have a stronger vision plus a committed team that could work together to continue the progress Obama put into place.  Don’t get me wrong you can watch Duck Dynasty, Donald Trump , and Full House & find amusement in the political process, & still vote for Hillary/Kaine on November 8th.

Politics As UnUsual

Hillary Clinton is endorsed by Bernie Sanders at New Hampshire.

Hillary as prez & Bernie Sanders as the Senator with “people power” could get some changes in effect. Obama had to fight with the republicans in congress. Sanders has proven to have grassroots support that wasn’t known during the Obama presidency. So if Hillary &Sanders can meet on issues like police reform & health care then yes.

Some progressives might think this is a sell-out. But I think Bernie Sanders fought too hard to just bow. So he probably will get his ideas going.
You gotta think: With all the turmoil the safest bet would be for Hillary moving towards the center. Let’s stop Donald Trump from forcing moral outrages over the current racial climate. No Republican, snake-like race-based moral outrages for me please.

Sanders can remind everyone of visible group of voters. Maybe then we could say no to moral outrages from the republicans with false agendas who would attempt to force to stifle things like police reform, and other things we need in the next 4 years.


Stakes Is Written

 the 20 Year Anniversary of both De La Soul’s Stakes Is High and Nas’s It Was Written bring us —

Just Blaze In Wax Poetics Magazine:

Because, for a long time, hip-hop taught us that we had to think one way or the other. Nas and De La Soul made us take sides during the summer of 1996. It wasn’t cool to ride the fence; It Was Written or Stakes Is High was a choice we had to make. The “underground” label now applied to a style of music. “Before then, ‘underground’ meant that you hadn’t blown up yet,” Just explains. “You were doing the Stretch and Bobbito circuit, or The Underground Railroad, or Hank Love and Half Pint.”

Obviously this is historical perspective. These artists never beefed with each other.

De La Soul’s “Itsoweezee”

Questlove speculation: Nas felt underappreciated after the 1995 Source Awards.

For the sake of the Internet posting, I picture Nas feeling like the kid @ the beginning of the “Itsoweezee” video. Which is a song that was  opposed to the mafioso fantasy.
But Nas was from Queens so he was like fuck it; this is what y’all like: “who doesn’t like money & women?”

So Nas Escobar replaced the Illmatic Nas.

In retrospect we got Bad Boy, Rawkus & Rocafella out of this conflict because rap music is the best music.

And “It Was Written” is far from whack. The Democrats could’ve played “I Gave You Power” when demanding gun reform. And it’s impossible to not relate to the lyric “Best Friends become strangers.” From the message. What saved so-called mafia rap was Dudes could rap, and the grotesque lifestyle does have layers of morality, relationship turmoil and general conflicts of the soul. Plus it’s a compelling story. Even if somewhat farce ached.

There is a great Questlove podcast where he discusses Puff showing up to some underground event with goons. Everyone got scared but Puff just lectured everyone how he liked them until they insulted him. Everyone felt kinda dumb afterwords.

But if it wasn’t for the “Stakes is High” feelings we probably would not have had the DIY community that utilized rock networks that created new outlets aside from the way the business of rap worked prior.

This isn’t to say Rocafella or Bad Boy didn’t chsnge the game.

I’m just saying the sentiment behind that “Stakes is High.” was heartfelt & honest.
And “Stakes is High” gave us Mos Def, Jux & everything that followed.

Was the public end of this cultural divide 2003’s  “Two Words.”  for anyone with taste? (Cultural divide not individual artist conflicts.) Which was foreshadowed by Jux rapping over “Grindin” during Scribble, and Hov wanting to be ‘lyrically Talib Kweli.’  (Punchline set-up to bring in Kanye’s career)

In 2016, Nas runs Mass Appeal Records. De La Soul has an Usher feature in their upcoming album, “the Anonymous Nobody.”

Really I’m only posting because Nas & De La Soul’s made “God It” which was released prior this year.I feel like people should revisit both records because they like music and then insert this in their thinkpieces. My guess this isn’t on the upcoming De La record because no one really wants to hear De La make a Bill Cosby reference. Some Rappers are supposed to make offensive references. But not De La Soul.

Columbus, Ohio’s OJ Hayes did the artwork. He is Chance the Rapper’s in house designer.