Gun Background Checks Will Not Increase Gun Violence

Ok the House Of Reps is having a sit-in at led by John Lewis because they want Gun Legislation to be on the table.

Extended background checks couldn’t hurt anything? They won’t increase shootings. And it’s a far cry from the memes that you see that say “Nazi’s Took Away Guns Too”

I know that when you do most things it takes for ever. .so it’s really weird to me that I could purchase an AR-15 easier than getting a job @ Home Depot.

Guns. I’ve never really had a need for them. They are kind of expensive and really don’t have much purpose in my life.  I don’t hunt. What is the percentage of people that hunt? As someone who is vegan, I can say that if people didn’t hate vegetarians they would probably realize that most people don’t hunt. And hunters real power is they have guns. This isn’t a diss to hunters. I’m just saying…most people don’t hunt.

Other uses of guns:

I don’t plan on robbing people @ gunpoint.

If I’m ever weathly I WILL employe security guards who carry guns.

Over than that I’ve never really had an opinion.

I respect the Black Panthers, and grew up on tales of Revolutionary War suppose. If you want to have a gun to make your house safe. I’m not made @ that.

I used to have those thoughts like: well, if the cops and military would give up their weapons then so could the citizens.

I speculate that the surplus of military weapons spills over onto civilians.

Then a bunch of people get murdered in places like Orlando, Sandy Hook, South Carolina and things like that. Then we go into: well why do you only care when mass murders happen and not when kids are getting murdered every day in places like Chicago. Then you think: Guns are illegal in Chicago but people still buy them in Indiana.  Who manufactures more guns than we can license?

So then I get back to the idea of I don’t know enough about this.

I do believe gun background checks will not increase gun violence.

So they are worth the sit-in & legislation. In the least.




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