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Dick Fraser & Larry Marrow – “Come On Cavs” 1973

This song was written in 1973. The Cavs had finished 4th place in the NBA Central 2 years in a row. But that didn’t stop Larry “Mr. Cleveland” Marrow and Dick Fraser from writing this anthem to cheer on Austin Carr & co.. In 1974, the Cavs improved to 3rd place. By 1975 the Cavs were in first place of their division and in the playoffs.

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What about you and the Cavs?

Nick Mileti asked me to write and produce the Cavaliers’ fight song back in 1973. “C’mon Cavs, Gotta Make It Happen” has remained the Cavaliers’ signature fight song for almost 40 years now.

I also wrote the music to “With a Name Like Smucker’s, It Has to be Good.” I was thrilled to receive a Cleo for the song.

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Michael Stanley – “Tonight’s The Night”


Gun Background Checks Will Not Increase Gun Violence

Ok the House Of Reps is having a sit-in at led by John Lewis because they want Gun Legislation to be on the table.

Extended background checks couldn’t hurt anything? They won’t increase shootings. And it’s a far cry from the memes that you see that say “Nazi’s Took Away Guns Too”

I know that when you do most things it takes for ever. .so it’s really weird to me that I could purchase an AR-15 easier than getting a job @ Home Depot.

Guns. I’ve never really had a need for them. They are kind of expensive and really don’t have much purpose in my life.  I don’t hunt. What is the percentage of people that hunt? As someone who is vegan, I can say that if people didn’t hate vegetarians they would probably realize that most people don’t hunt. And hunters real power is they have guns. This isn’t a diss to hunters. I’m just saying…most people don’t hunt.

Other uses of guns:

I don’t plan on robbing people @ gunpoint.

If I’m ever weathly I WILL employe security guards who carry guns.

Over than that I’ve never really had an opinion.

I respect the Black Panthers, and grew up on tales of Revolutionary War suppose. If you want to have a gun to make your house safe. I’m not made @ that.

I used to have those thoughts like: well, if the cops and military would give up their weapons then so could the citizens.

I speculate that the surplus of military weapons spills over onto civilians.

Then a bunch of people get murdered in places like Orlando, Sandy Hook, South Carolina and things like that. Then we go into: well why do you only care when mass murders happen and not when kids are getting murdered every day in places like Chicago. Then you think: Guns are illegal in Chicago but people still buy them in Indiana.  Who manufactures more guns than we can license?

So then I get back to the idea of I don’t know enough about this.

I do believe gun background checks will not increase gun violence.

So they are worth the sit-in & legislation. In the least.