The Dems Are Listening

As you know, every 4 years Columbus, Ohio becomes really important because we are the capital of Ohio. Ohio is an important swing state in electing the President.

The Democratic primary is Tuesday. So the front-runners are making their final pitches. The Republican primary is Tuesday. But I wasn’t smart enough to change my voter party to Republican to put a subversive wrench in things.

So I’ma stick with what I know.

During the week, 106.7’s Big Man Konata interviewed Hillary..

Hillary Clinton DJ Khaled.png

Big Man Konata & Hillary Clinton Discuss Affordable Health Care, Privatized Prison, & DJ Khaled as possible running mate.  (DJ Khaled was on the Ellen Show the same day.)

Sunday, Bernie gave a rally that 12,000 people attended.

Later that evening Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders engaged in a townhall meeting with questions asked by voters.The democratic candidates addressed their ability to beat Trump, Charter schools,Black Lives Matter, the Flint Water Crisis, Gun Control and more…

Full Hillary Townhall Transcript 

Konata was not the only radio person the Dems were interacting with.

During the townhall meeting, Misty Jordan, who is currently on 95.5 and also hosts Good Day Columbus on Fox, asked Sanders a question.

]Misty Jordan:Bernie Sanders

Misty Jordan asked Bernie Sanders about how he would deal with a Republican congress.  Sanders felt he would be part of a paradigm shift that would regain Democrat control of the congress. Sanders stated “If there is a large voter turnout, there is no doubt in my mind that the Democrats will recover the United States Senate and gain significant seats in the House. ”

Transcript of Bernie Sanders at Columbus Townhall Meeting

If you live in Columbus, you’ve probably have interacted with Konata & Misty.

I was once on a panel with Kweli that Konata moderated.

Misty Jordan once gave me Jeezy tickets .  Last time I saw Konata he did not give me Kendrick tickets but the mobilization of voters is what’s important so I’m more joking with ticket mention.

My main point is the people who run our country are paying attention to people that you see and hear everyday.

So don’t feel like you don’t have a voice.

Tuesday is Voting Day!


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